Busy Adding Vintage Pillsbury Bake Off Cookbooks

Last night I was busy adding vintage cookbooks to my eBay and Etsy store.

Great recipes can be found within the pages of these small cookbooks that were found in the grocery store.

Are you looking for a certain copy just go and take a look at my eBay store and search for the copy you want. Click on the link and look at over 2000 items or go to the search books on the left hand side.

Want to check Etsy store click here. I have a smaller amount offered here. 

Thanks for stopping by , hope that you will check out my stores to see what is available.

Have a great day Grace

Buying All Laundry Detergent At Walgreen’s This Week

This is a great week to to stock up on All Laundry Soap.

Shop Walgreen’s buying 4 bottles at buy 1 get 1 FREE.

Search for All by going here to print 2 coupons

for $2.00 off 2 bottles. Be sure to print the coupon


twice to do the deal.

My 4 bottles cost me $10.98 plus tax after coupons.

Plus I added 120 points to my Point Balance

Price can vary around the country.

Lost and Found Cabinet Photo #1 Sadie and Alfred From Cambridge Offered on eBay

Today’s lost and found cabinet photo is of cousins Sadie and Alfred. No last name and only location is photographer on Massachusetts in Cambridge.

This photo is offered in my eBay store at the time being . Hard to connect with family unless some one recognizes the man and woman. image-596


Found Treasure Cabinet Photo of Mabel Howard of Princeton Massachusetts

I love to hunt and sell vintage photos and postcards.  When I find a photo with a name it is a sure treasure for the family it my find its way back to.


Today I am sharing a photo that I have offered on eBay. This is a one of kind photo you can see it here

This photo is of Mabel Howard from Princeton Massachusetts.

By searching on www.ancestry.com I have found two Mabel Howards.

Photographer is Everett of Worchester Massachuetts

I have searched ancestry and found 2 Mabel Howards .

First is from 1880 census One’s father is Nelson Howard and mother Sarah Howard. Mabel was born about 1871

The other Mabel was born about 1889 with a father of Uriah and mother Anna. and this comes 1910 census

She could be either one I will include my print out information with the sale.

Another Day In The Life Of An eBay Seller Fashion Of The Mid To Late 1800s Shown In Cabinet Photos

Today’s posting is showing different fashion of the mid to late 1800’s in women’s dresses.  These photos are available on eBay at this time on auction.  If they do not sell they will be added to my eBay store. Links will take you to my eBay store and to my auctions.  Take a look and see what treasures I am offering.

This beautiful young lady is wearing a dress with a big bustle. On the side you see what looks like a large pin.  Well dressed and wearing a ring on her finger.  Photo does not have her name but she lived in St Paul, Minnesota area some time during the 1860s to 1880s based on her dress.

Image 50

The next young lady also lived in St Paul Minnesota area and once again we do not know her name.  Her dress has a smaller detail at the back with a large bow.  Pretty hankie in her hand.

Image (607)

Another Day In The Life Of An eBay Seller Searching For Family of Speece and Blakely

Just another day in the life of an eBay seller who loves to buy and sell photos.

Here are a couple of cabinet photos that I have sold recently. Image (485)Image (221)

Today I have been busy listing some cabinet photos to offer tonight on auction at eBay.  Should they not sell first or even second time out they go into my store.

Here is a wonderful photo of a young man by the name of George A Blakely.  Sadly the location of where taken is not on photo.  A quick search at ancestry I found a George A Blakely born in Alabama 1894.  Could be the same person, but no way to be  Image (620)Image (621)

sure of that.  Another photo I am offering on eBay is of this adorable young girl with long hair. We do know that picture was taken in Pekin Illinois by Coles Studio.  On the reverse side is written Cora Belle Speece Tremont Illinois taken June 24 1891.

Image (627)Image (628)

Quick check on ancestry and I found what I believe is her death certificate.

Name: Cora Belle Becker
[Cora Belle Speece
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Widowed
Birth Date: Aug, 1883
Birth Place: Tremont, Illinois
Death Date: 24 Aug 1937
Death Place: Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA
Death Age: 54
File Number: 021043
Father: Edward Speece
Mother: Clara Case

This is a great treasure for the family of Cora.

Thank you for stopping by, I will be sharing other cabinet photos that are offered on eBay soon.

Another Day In The Life Of An eBay Seller

My goal has been to increase items for sale on eBay and not buy any new items until I have listed some of the items that are sitting around.

I have an addiction to buying and selling vintage postcards and photos. Pieces of history in my hand.  So tempting is the buying that I have been staying away from the local auctions.

Some of our sales this week have been the following.

Greetings to Ogunquit Maine

Image (219)

Restaurant postcard Image (159)

and this real photo postcard

Image (75)

Buyers are happy to have added these vintage treasures to their collections.

These are some of my most recent solds.  Click on the eBay link to see what I have available.  You will find vintage photos, postcards, jewelry , barbie items and so much more.

Thanks for stopping by..see you soon.

Menu Plan For Week Save Money Eat At Home

I plan to start planning my menu plans weekly ( I hope) .  If I plan my meals we tend to eat dinner at home more often and save money which is so important.  Click on link to see other menu plans from the past

Sunday (today) I am making my home made spaghetti sauce with pasta and hot bread

Monday Mama’s Chicken Salad ( using part of the rotisserie chicken from tomorrows dinner), Water gate salad and crusty bread

Tuesday Rotisserie chicken, mash potatoes and vegetable

Wednesday Home made basil Tomato soup (new recipe for me) Watch for my post and review. Add to soup is grilled cheese sandwiches and chips

Thursday Sloppy Joe with baked beans and chips

Friday General Tao Chicken with rice ( new recipe watch for review)

Saturday Buffet of left overs from the week


Another Day In The Life Of An eBay Seller

Well it is the middle of summer and sales are slower than normal. Actually down quite a bit , but also we just moved into a smaller apartment.  This could have something to do with our sales slowing down.  We have been busy with packing and moving and I have been to tired to sit and list.  Another factor is we have so much stock  unlisted that I am not buying much new inventory so the excited of new finds could be part of the cause.

On top of that it is vacation time for buyers.  People are busy and away from their computers.

Today I added to eBay some real photo postcards.  From a railroad yard with trains to King George coronation to a school in Minnesota.

Image (156) Image (700) Image (213)

These are fun to look at and great additions to some one’s collection.  My postcards and other items can be found in our store.

Recent sales have been some vintage photos and postcards.

Image (924) Image (424) Image (549)

How are your sales doing , up or down? Leave me a message if you like.

Another Day In The Life Of An eBay Seller 06/13/16

The weather here has been rainy and a bit chilly except for one day this week.

We skipped garage sales because of this fact and listed  items from the piles of treasures we already purchased.

Sales are picking up some I think and I have attempted to list 5 to 10 items most days.

Some of the items that sold this week are the following.

Image (113)In

Quilt kit new in package that I picked up at a church sale. Sold first time out on auction for $5.00 plus shipping.

Another items was 2 pairs of vintage nylons new in package that I had for some time.  I took a best offer of $10.00 plus shipping and happy to send them out the door.


Last items I will share today is a vintage postcard that are war time love postcards.  I sold two of them at $4.50 each plus shipping.

Image (1471)

Image (1485)

Thanks for stopping by… happy hunting for your treasures